About DutchTechy

Hi, I am Robert Voermans, working for IBM for a few years now in the areas of integration. For more info on me, try nl.linkedin.com/in/robertvoermans/. This blog is meant as reference for me and you. All topics will be technology and IBM related. You might question the difference but that is not up to me nor will be validated with this blog.

Topics will be combined in scenarios: several technical subjects will make up a flow or process. The scenarios or topics handled in this blog are not production capable or complete. The blog is purely meant to give insights in a Proof of Concept way of working. Most often they will also show my way of implementing. That might not be the best or most optimal way!

Please refer to the table of content to view scenarios and related topics in the best logical way.

The most important reason for setting up this blog is: when Googling for a solution I always have to combine some lines of thought and I always forget to document these. Somehow I always end up with a solution of which I do not know the origin anymore… Hopefully this blog will solve that. Needless to say: all solutions are as is…

Happy reading!

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